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Omar & Sammy

How did two brothers find a way to stay so close after moving 1,000 miles away from each other? Growing up, Sammy and Omar were no strangers to sports, especially baseball. From T-ball to High School, all the way to adult softball league teammates, their passion to compete always was a shared interest. 

Nothing stopped them from enjoying sports, not even growing up in historic Jersey City where table lamps, walls, and couches became their bases and touchdown markers. The glory of a home run meant a high chance of breaking the lamp and hearing mom and dad yell about it. Naturally, baseball and sports cards became another way for them to enjoy following their favorite players together from a distance. Iconic players like Ken Griffey Jr. were enjoyable to watch, but as time passed many of their favorite players and cherished cards became an afterthought.

Then one day, after years of collecting dust on storage shelves, Mama Bro pulled out countless binders full of cards and showed them to Omar. Flipping through the pages of legendary players instantly rekindled Omar’s passion for card collecting and talking about baseball again. It didn’t take long for him to hook Sammy back in as well which created a new and exciting hobby to bond together on across state lines. They learned everything about card collecting all over again and began talking baseball topics more than every before and now they are here to share of their passion with you!

We appreciate you taking this journey with us and being a part of the Breaker Bros family!

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